If you have a child who loves doing handstands, cartwheels, walkovers, flips, or cheerleading, then they will love Bigair Gym!  At Bigair Gymsports, kids love Gymnastics, Trampolining, Tumbling, Parkour, and Cheerleading! We have classes to support children of all levels and interests. As children learn new gym skills they will increase their flexibility, balance, coordination, strength, and fitness. The benefit for our children is that they learn extensive personal skills from Gym, which includes; increased self-confidence, self-reflection, listening skills, persistence, self-pride, and so much more! It is highly recommended that children start gymnastics from 3yrs, as it provides excellent preparation for starting school. Once children are at school, gym is beneficial as it replicates the fundamental learning processes which supports children’s learning at school, so the advantages and rewards are substantial. Did you know that Bigair Gym also offer Birthday Parties? To find out more, please call our Bigair Gym Tawa on 2323508 or email [email protected]