SHIFT ( is a girls only programme that has been running at the College for the last 2 years. The activities are run by a member of staff from SHIFT and guests will be invited to deliver activities where required.


Mr Witts

COST: Free

TIME: Wednesday Lunchtime

In 2018 over 40 girls attended the Junior 3 Day Discovery   programme with SHIFT and it is hoped many of those girls and others will continue their involvement with SHIFT on a weekly basis.

Below are further details on their approach and values


We co-design wellbeing solutions with young women to better understand their needs in an ever-changing environment. We seek and hear feedback, and embrace constant iteration and meaningful engagement. We are accessible, agile, and strongly believe in building whanaungatanga. We experiment, collaborate and have fun! We work in the worlds of wellbeing science, physical activity, social entrepreneurship and design.


  • Co-design – plan and deliver with young women
  • Empowerment – support young women to find and lead their own solutions to wellbeing issues
  • Inclusive & Accessible – we actively work with young women who identify with a diverse range of communities
  • Holistic – encompassing the mind, body, spirit
  • Collaboration – work in partnership with others who share similar values
  • Safety/wellbeing – of young women and ourselves
  • FUN – at every step of the way