Cardio Tennis



Mr. G Witts


COST: $50

Cardio Tennis – A Fun Workout

This will take place during a lunchtime by a qualified instructor. You don’t need to be great at tennis to do it and it is a really good work out.

Cardio Tennis is a fun, social, group tennis-fitness programme for all ages and abilities – even non-tennis players!

Cardio Tennis combines fitness devices, music, and a variety of equipment to deliver the ultimate, full body, calorie burning aerobic workout.

Each workout compromises of a warm-up, cardio segment (drills and play based) and a cool down. Women can burn up to 500 calories and men up to 800 in a 60-minute session!

Benefits of Cardio Tennis

Whether you’ve never played tennis, or you’re a regular player, you’ll find plenty of reward from a Cardio Tennis session:

Get fitter while you get better

Fitness devices track your progress

Workout with your friends in a non-threatening environment where ability doesn’t matter!

Enjoy the beat and workout to the music which keeps you motivated and keeps you moving.