Dutch Pro Footballer helps Girls team

The girls football team is very fortunate to have the coaching services of Marianne van Brummelen who is a Dutch professional footballer currently in New Zealand playing for Wellington United. 

Marianne will be working with the team over a 12 week period as they prepare for the upcoming Grant Jarvis Tournament in Wellington. Marianne is the 4th female footballer from Wellington United to spend time at the school following an opportunistic approach from Mr Witts who saw an article in the Dominion Post back in 2011 about how Wellington United were bringing players over from Holland to help their team.

The opportunity is working out well for both Newlands and Wellington United as Marianne enthuses and improves the girls in both teams whilst scoring lots of goals for Wellington United.

Her performances have been so good at Wellington United, the Dominion Post ran an article on her whilst Stuff.co.nz have a video about her. To see the article and video click here