Join Johnsonville Bowling Club this summer

Interested in playing outdoor bowls and the chance to represent your school or even your country then the earlier you give this sport a go the better. There are many opportunities for different age groups to participate in international competition. NZ selectors look at the secondary schools events to spot talent.


To get the necessary coaching, and time on the green to improve your play, it’s best to join a club. Johnsonville Bowling Club is just up the road from the Johnsonville swimming pool on Frankmoore Avenue. The cost of a student membership is only $35 and bowls can be borrowed and coaching provided.


The season runs from 26 September through to April/May. On Sunday, 27 September, there is a “Have a go day” starting at 1pm. If you’re interested please come along to our “Have a go day” or contact Keith Alexander on 0276225699.