Junior Triangular 2019

On Tuesday over 110 students were involved in the 16th running of the McDonalds Junior Triangular between Onslow, Tawa and Newlands.

Last year it took 3 attempts for the weather to allow the event to take place but on Tuesday there were perfect conditions.

Newlands is the smallest of the 3 Colleges (Newlands at 1000, Onslow at 1250 and Tawa at 1450) so we are generally the underdog due to the number of students we have to pick from.

The sports played were Badminton, Basketball, Football, Girls Hockey, Netball and Boys Rugby.

Our strongest sport on the day turned out to be Badminton with Newlands winning the boys and the girls competition. This was followed by the Junior A Netball who won their competition.

The highlight of the day was the performance of the Boys rugby team who came together for the first time (during the season they are playing for different weight restricted teams). In their game against Onslow they went 4 tries down but proceeded to make an epic comeback.

In the end Newlands finished 3rd with 17 points, Onslow 19 points and Tawa 30 points reclaiming the title.

The sports were played in good spirits, local rivalries were enhanced and a number of students got to play sports for the first time and will now hopefully continue to play for the remainder of the season.