Newlands College Futsallers on TV1 News

On December 10, we sent a boys and girls Futsal team to take part in the ‘Truce Football Tournament’ organised by the British High Commission to commmerate the 100th anniversary of the Christmas Day Truce in which opposing armies laid down their arms and took part in multiple football games along the Western Front. I’m pretty sure not many of the players knew how much of a big deal this tournament was going to be before they attended but after hearing from the Governor General, Ambassadors, Wynton Rufer and then having the Prime Minister turn up to present the trophies all the while a TV One news team was in attendance they probably did!

Whilst our teams didn’t make the final as you will see from the TV One footage we dominated the media coverage! 

When the Prime Minister arrived it was a Newlands student Tiarne Southon who was brave enough to ask for the first selfie! (the British High Commissioner is also with her)