25/8/2021 – Update from CSW

Dear students, staff, family members, partners and supporters of College Sport Wellington,

Firstly we want to thank you all for your patience and ongoing support of the government measures to get Covid-19 back under control.  At the same time, your support of College Sport Wellington and it’s decision making process is similarly appreciated.  We understand this is a frustrating time and hope we can soon provide longer term certainty.

Having considered various scenarios and timeframes with the information currently available, we have determined the following for the remainder of Term Three:

  • There will be no CSW competitions this weekend irrespective of Alert Level settings.
  • CSW will not be offering regional tournaments next week (in lieu of the cancelled national Winter Tournament Week).  The lack of lead-in time and low likelihood of returning to Level 2 immediately means we will instead focus upon completion of the winter season and preparation for Term Four.
  • In terms of completing the remainder of the winter season, these are the key principles we will follow in our planning:
    1. Winter Sports won’t go beyond Term 3.
    2. We will allow sufficient time for schools and students to train/prepare once they return to school, before competitions recommence.  Depending on the length of time away from school, this may be up to 2 weeks of ‘prepare to play’.
    3. We will work with schools to ensure safe delivery of sport at Level 2, including whatever new requirements may be advised by the Govt.  We are conscious there may be new/additional requirements which need to be assessed and understood.
    4. We will work with Regional Sports Partners and Councils to determine what facilities will be available for completion of the season
    5. We note the above factors will determine which competitions/grades can be completed and some may not resume.
    6. Any current upcoming events (beyond the lockdown period) remain on the calendar, but may need to be postponed, taking into account the other principles.

Thanks for your patience and support as we work through this.  Hopefully at the end of the week we can gain some longer term certainty around the Alert Level timeframes, which will aid our planning/communications to you.  Our next planned update will be Friday evening.

Kind Regards,