Girls 1st XI Football team gain first victories in Grant Jarvis Tournament

Our Girls football team have continued to develop in 2016 which was shown by their performances at the Grant Jarvis tournament in Napier. Due to injuries and other commitments the team only went away with 11 1st XI players and were backed up with only 3 girls from the 2nd XI who did a great job to ensure the team came away with 2 victorys and 19th place in the standings.

In the first game they were 4-0 down at half time against Bethlehem, Bay of Plenty and got an old fashioned rollicking from their coach  but according to Mr Bayliss after this “the girls picked up fantastically and in all the first halves of the rest of the matches they either led or dominated teams, we capitulated in most second halves and it really showed that we had a small squad”

He remembers “Tiarne (Southon) signalling to come off through injury and I turned around to put someone on and there were three players lying spreadeagled on the grass unable to move and I had to say I’ve got no one just come off….although the opposition were sympathetic they took great pleasure in picking us off”

Congratulations to the 14 girls who survived the 8 games and thanks to Mr Bayliss and Ms Shakesheave-Thomas for coaching and managing the team.

Pool Game Results
v Bethlehem 0-6
v St Orans 1-2
v Wairarapa 0-3
v Gisborne Girls 1-3
v Selwyn, Auckland 0-5

17-24 Game
v Wanganui Girls 4-3 (Penalties)

v Paraparaumu 0-1

v St Orans, 3-2 (Penalties)